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A game-changing patient education tablet app, designed to help healthcare professionals (HCPs) address poor health literacy and non-adherence by improving point-of-care teaching skills.

Research shows that patients accurately retain only about 14% of what their HCPs tell them. NexJ Health Pro addresses this by delivering the critical information patients need, using plain language and infographics to improve patient understanding and adherence. This, in turn, liberates HCPs from unnecessary call backs and follow-ups, improving productivity— with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes.

An Apple iPad™ or iPad Mini (iPad 2 or higher) with iOS 8 or higher, and a wifi connection.

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPad or iPad Mini.
  2. Search for NexJ Health Pro
  3. Select Download
  4. Launch NexJ Health Pro
  5. Open the app and click the “Create New Account” button
  6. Enter all the required fields
  7. Enter the access code. To get a code, visit and filling out the form.
  8. Click Continue

You should now have a username and password that you can use to log into the app and start using NexJ Health Pro with your patients.

NexJ Health Pro will make your teaching efforts more efficient because the patient is actually learning and understanding. You are no longer wasting your limited time to teach patients who aren’t going to remember what you say. In fact, we expect that in many cases you can actually spend less time teaching – largely because you will now be highly focused and effective in your messaging – and will know that patients will be able to review and expand upon the teaching at home. The focus now will be on patient empowerment and providing the information and tools required to make this a reality – something that simply can’t happen when up to 90%  of what was discussed was left in the exam room.

During an office visit, the HCP takes the patient through the deck, captures audio of the discussion if desired, and can add notes, images, photos, test results, etc. The outcome is a personalized Patient Visit Record (PVR) that you the HCP can send, with any relevant attachments. The patient receives an email with instructions on how to access their PVR from NexJ Connected Wellness. The patient can review the PVR as often as they wish and can share with family and friends. Each deck includes a range of relevant, credible, online resources, apps, videos and community resources should your patient want to conduct additional research.

Customization is created using the following capabilities within the app:

  • Audio
  • Annotation
  • Insert Image
  • Zoom In
  • Add blank slide
  • Remove slide
  • Add sticky note

NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing, cloud-based platform for population health management. It is used by HCPs to empower patients to effectively manage their own health and wellness once they leave their office. Once an HCP uses the NexJ Health Pro app to effectively and efficiently educate patients at the point-of-care, aPVR of the patient-doctor interaction including the presentation, audio, as well as any notes, images, and test results are made available to the patient, improving information retention and adherence.

The PVR is securely stored in NexJ Connected Wellness ( HCPs can log into NexJ Connected Wellness using their NexJ Health Pro username and password. On the platform, HCPs can stay in touch with their patients using secure chat, they can view the patient’s PVR or other health information that the patient chooses to share, and can set up a wellness plan for the patient that the patient can use to track their behaviors such as diet, exercise, and medication adherence. You can also send patients self-assessments for them to complete and submit online; you can create a patient-friendly care plan that patients can  use to help them understand their condition, next steps, treatment history, and “what if’s”; and patients can request appointments online with any of their HCPs. And much, much more!

  1. Remove the existing NexJ Health Pro app from your iPad or iPad Mini.
  2. Tap the App Store icon on your iPad or iPad Mini.
  3. Search for NexJ Health Pro.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Launch NexJ Health Pro.
  6. You can now use your username and password to log into the app.


Please contact NexJ Health Support. A representative will get back to you to help troubleshoot your issue.

Patient information from PVRs are deleted from your device once they are emailed to your patient.  The patient can retrieve their PVR by clicking the link and registering for NexJ Connected Wellness.

NexJ Health Pro and NexJ Connected Wellness implement features that enable clients to meet the regulatory requirements of North American jurisdictions, such as HIPAA in the United States and provincial regulations such as HIA and PHIPA within Canada. NexJ has successfully passed Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Threat Risk Assessments (TRAs) with various Canadian and US providers.


The recording feature on the app is optional, it can be turned on or off. HCPs should not be concerned about this feature because the decks have been developed as a guided curriculum with the most up-to-date guidelines and information.

Mobile: NexJ Health Pro is the first healthcare app for point of care patient education. NexJ believes mobility is critical to driving adoption as HCPs begin to use their devices with patients.

Infographic-based content: Infographics, or data visualizations, are leveraged to develop condition and treatment decks to ensure the information is meaningful and memorable to patients. These infographic decks are also created and reviewed by healthcare experts in their field to ensure that each teaching asset is accurate and up-to-date.

Patient Portal: NexJ Connected Wellness offers patients a secure online environment to access and review their PVR once they leave the HCPs office or clinic. Once patients have an account on NexJ Connected Wellness, they can then gain access to the information and supports they need to actively participate in self-managing their health and wellness.


No, NexJ Health Pro can be used by any HCP, including Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists. Each HCP can create Patient Visit Records for their patients. Patients in turn will be able to view all of their PVRs sent by the various HCPs they have seen.

Yes. These are the three top reasons why HCPs are incented to use NexJ Health Pro:

Financial: HCPs can charge back to the government based on formal education with patients, which will drive adoption.

Improved Patient Outcomes: HCPs want tools to improve patient outcomes, especially as healthcare moves from Fee for Service to Pay for Performance. The NexJ Health Pro app will improve communication between HCP and patient leading to fewer questions and follow-up visits. Patients will leave their appointment with a better understanding of what they need to do and why. After the visit, the patient will remember what you said and can share their PVR with their family so they too will be able to provide improved support for the patient.  This will improve adherence to prescribed care plans and treatment plans, which ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes that HCPs will require to get paid.

Access to Current Education Materials: HCPs traditionally educate patients using in-office pamphlets that are often out-of-date. NexJ Health Pro gives HCPs a one-stop shop for all their education materials, which is highly efficient.  Moreover, the content itself can be updated and distributed more quickly, allowing HCPs to leverage the most current information at the point of care.

Explain you are using the app to guide your discussion because it will help them understand and remember what they need to know. Tell them right at the beginning of your conversation that they will receive an audio-visual record of their visit when they get home, as well as a copy of the presentation deck you’ll be showing them. Just hearing this will make a huge difference in your patient’s ability to learn and retain.


  1. Tap the Gear icon located at the top right of the screen.
  2. Select Manage Region.
  3. Change Language to: French
  4. Tap Save (top right)
  5. Select Manage Profile Settings
  6. Verify your Profession and Specialty
  7. Tap Save (top right)