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Learn about the steps you can take to manage your health

Receive health information from your healthcare provider that you can use to better understand your condition, next steps, and what to do in case of expected or adverse events.

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Let your family and friends support you

Invite your family, friends, advocates and other healthcare professionals to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. You decide who to invite, who can view your progress, and who to communicate with.

Learn and adopt healthier, sustainable behaviors

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be difficult. A personal health coach can provide you with the right support at the right time so you can achieve better health and wellness outcomes for yourself.

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Schedule your appointments online

See when your healthcare professional is available and request, cancel, and reschedule your appointments online. Easily manage all of your health appointments from a single calendar and receive reminders on your mobile device.

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Do you have a chronic condition or wish to delay or prevent the onset of disease?

NexJ's Health Coaching Services can match you to a health coach who will provide you with the support and encouragement you need to eat healthy, exercise, take your medications, and more!

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