Patient Education Program for
Healthcare Professionals

Thank you for your interest in joining NexJ Health's Patient Education Program!

Successful applicants will receive an iPad mini and NexJ Health Pro, a revolutionary app for patient education, to use at the point of care to efficiently educate their patients about their conditions and treatments to improve patient understanding and information retention.

The Program is limited to qualified healthcare professionals who agree to educate their patients about their conditions and treatments using NexJ Health Pro and agree to be contacted by NexJ Health during the Program period to participate in surveys. The iPad minis will be pre-configured for ease of use.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below for important information regarding this Program.

NexJ Health is committed to helping healthcare professionals engage with chronic disease patients and their families to empower them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their own health and wellness. To learn more about NexJ Connected Wellness, our digital platform for cloud-based for population health management, visit